Professional Projects

SOLE Financial Tradeshow/Conference Demo App

Progressive Web App using React.js.

SOLE Financial Public Website

Squarespace Developer, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Pardot.

Account Manager Marketing and Leads App

JavaScript, React, Node, CSS, AWS EC2 and RDS, PostgreSQL, and Pardot.

React-Static (open-source contributor)

React, Node, and JSX

I provided the first official example configuration of a static-site using React-Static and Netlify CMS as the git-based content management system. It provides users with code and technical documentation to get started quickly and efficiently.

Kruze Startup Tax Returns

Javascript (ES6), ReactJS, Redux, HTML, and CSS.

Kruze Consulting

Javascript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS.

Personal Projects

Recipe Finder

Independent personal project from design to deployment using Javascript, React, Redux, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, Express, Massive, and postgreSQL.


Devmountain group project using Javascript, ReactJS, Redux, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, and PostgreSQL. Group of four developers implementing an idea that I pitched.

Video walkthrough

Trek Mountain Bikes | eCommerce

Javascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Sass, and Gulp.

Video walkthrough