Why I Created this Blog

I've been wanting to get into blogging for awhile now. My love for writing stems from college and my interest in literature and philosophy. I found writing, much like reading, to be relaxing and enjoyable. Writing is both a tool and an art form, and I enjoy finding the perfect balance between the two.


A big hindrance that's been keeping me from blogging has been finding topics to write about that would provide value to a potential audience and wouldn't simply serve as a personal journal. I know the internet is inundated with blogs so I was discouraged from creating another one that adds to the noise of the overabundance of information available online. In college, I wrote constantly for classes, independent studies (including my senior honors thesis), and as a journalist for a UCSB news outlet. As I get further away from my college days, I feel the need to write again, for my own intellectual curiosity and satisfaction and, perhaps, along the way I can provide some useful information for others.


Since I've embarked on a career in web development, I've realized how many interesting topics there are to learn about and explore. Web development, and the technology field at large, are growing and progressing rapidly and I'm incredibly excited to chart this evolution through my blog. I spend a lot of my time in the forest of code, but blogging will be time to step back, reflect, and see the greater technical landscape. Occasionally, I'll write about my other interests, but I expect this blog to primarily focus on technology.