Learning Another JavaScript Framework

I knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time before I had to learn the new Angular. I've had the complete course in my Udemy library for months, knowing that I'd have to learn it eventually. I put it off for as long as possible with the idea that I'd dive deeper into React until I'd need to learn another framework. Sure enough, with this round of job searching (my first cycle looking for a dev job) I saw a lot of React positions, but didn't have much luck landing one (I presume because I'm still pretty junior as a dev). The position I just landed is helping in converting a legacy frontend app into Angular, so it's time to crack open that long-awaited Udemy course.


After my initial phone interview with the Director of Engineering, I was given a code sample assignment to be submitted by the following day, it was in Angular 5. I figured that I switched from Angular.js to React fairly quickly, and my technical skillset has improved a lot since then so it shouldn't be too hard. I went through the official Angular "Heroes" tutorial and completed the task fairly easily, but I still knew that there was a ton to learn and I wanted to continue to focus on the "why" rather than just getting the job done with my "how" understanding.


I like the new Angular, it feels well organized and componentized like React, but has a lot of special features that React does not. React is, after all, a JavaScript library so it's designed to be extremely lightweight. I really like React's simplicity, but I think creating enterprise-level, large-scale applications will benefit from Angular's features and power. I'm excited to dive-in and learn more.


My experience learning JavaScript frameworks thus far (I'm including React in this, even though it is a library) has been a feeling of needing to catch-up and learn as quickly as possible. I imagine this is a common feeling in the technology field since things are changing so quickly, but I like it, it's mentally stimulating and exciting. Enjoying learning new things is a prerequisite for a career in this field. I first learned Angular.js (i.e. Angular 1) at DevMountain, my coding bootcamp. This was difficult of course since frameworks were completely new to me and I needed to wrap my head around many of the concepts that were introduced. Then I learned that Angular.js was becoming obsolete (we were the second to last class to be taught Angular.js!) and I needed to learn either React or Angular 2.


I then took my break week to learn React through Udemy in preparation to build my personal project at DevMountain: my first full-stack app. I opted to build it with Angular.js in the end since I was much more familiar with it and wanted as good of an outcome as possible, but completely focused on React after that with DevMountain's help and completed the group project with it. That's when my ability to use React was cemented. I've been using React ever since (~9 months) and have grown to love it and feel comfortable using it. I'll still use it in personal projects to keep my skills sharp and just for love of the library and it's simplicity, but it's time to switch gears professionally (for a bit of time, at least).


Now I'm aiming to learn Angular 5 over the next two weeks before my new job starts. I'm confident I'll get a good understanding by then and I'll post updates of my progress. In addition, I'll be starting as a QA Engineer so I can continue to learn Angular for a eventual transition to a frontend dev position. I'll know Angular in order to help test and debug, but I won't have the pressure of constantly shipping out code while I'm still learning. So, updates on Angular, QA engineering, and my new job to come!